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Early Life and History

JAMES W. WILLIS, DDS - Family Dentist

Dr. Willis is no stranger to the Blue Ridge and neighboring Appalachian Mountains. Born and raised in Charleston, WV, Dr. Willis has spent his entire life living in Virginia and West Virginia. For the last 9 years, the Willis family has lived in Crozet, Virginia. Interestingly enough, through a recent Ancestry DNA test, Dr. Willis traced his roots back to a genetic community called the “early Appalachian settlers” and one of the family patriarchs, Henry Willis, called the greater Charlottesville VA piedmont area home.

His pathway to a career in dentistry began when he was 12 years old; Dr. Willis went through four years of comprehensive orthodontics. As a teenager he saw firsthand the confidence attained when you achieve a healthy new smile. From that age, he knew he wanted to be a dentist and never strayed from that goal. In 2009 Dr. Willis graduated from West Virginia University School of Dentistry.

Experience and Acclamations

Dr. Willis has provided expert cosmetic, family, preventive, and restorative dental care to patients throughout Crozet and the greater Charlottesville area. Most recently he has advanced in the field of modern orthodontics, using digital aligner technologies. Dr. Willis was the first Premier Preferred Invisalign Provider in the Staunton, Waynesboro, Augusta Area.

For the past three years, his Crozet Family Dental office has been named “Best Dentist” in Charlottesville Family Magazine. In 2016 Dr. Willis was recognized by OurHealth Magazine for gold in “Best Chairside Manner” for Central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley.

Dr. Willis currently serves on the Board of the American Academy of Clear Aligners as well as the Board for the Reingage Group.

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Current Operations

Dr. Willis oversees operations of three dental offices in the Augusta area – Willis & Associates Family Dentistry, as well as his Crozet office. It is currently the largest Dental Group in Central Virginia and includes a broad team of Dentists covering all facets of the field.

Dr. Willis treats cases from simple composite resin, tooth-colored fillings to advanced full mouth rehabilitations with porcelain crowns.

Dental Philosophy

With over a decade of experience in Clinical Dentistry, Dr. Willis’s passion remains the same- increasing the health and beauty of his patient’s smiles. He believes in a strong connection between oral health and a patient’s overall health. The mouth is the gateway to the body, the research is overwhelming with connections between various systemic pathologies connected to poor oral health. This is a pillar in which Dr. Willis and the Dental group stand and in which treatment is based.

His philosophy in recommending treatment is- Would I advise this to my own mother, wife, or daughter? Dr. Willis would only pursue treatment with a patient if the answer is Yes. Ultimately, he sees himself as his patient’s personal dental health advocate, and his main goal as a dentist is to give his patients the very best in Dentistry, from top-of-the-line materials, advanced techniques, and new technologies. Dr. Willis has a special interest in state-of-the-art diagnostic and restorative dental technology. He is fully committed to providing the most cutting-edge dentistry by constant participation in continuing education.

JAMES W. WILLIS, DDS and family